Simply un-romantic equals romantic

We have been married for two years now and today is the day we decided to marry. Life is completely changed now. When we were in relationship we enjoyed each and every phase of happiness and sadness with equal zeal. Now even when we get upset with each other nobody bothers to take the initiative to make things correct again. Things go on like that for some time and eventually when we get tired of that silence we start behaving usual.

Even after those uncountable clashes and disagreements we still find each other standing behind each other when we need someone most. May be we have become a little more busier to earn that livelihood in these busy lanes of commercialism.

A month ago, my phone rang and it was my friend Stepheni who I hadn’t met for the last 5 years. We were together in collage and spent some of the best years of our life together. After talking to her, I realised that she was still single and has achieved a lot carrier wise. Though, she was in a relationship she was not bound by any commitments and they were happy keeping it that way.

I do work in a multinational but I have never been too active publicly. May be because I was too busy with my commitments before marriage and after marriage I have got more busier. Now I have two families to look after and double the number of people. I never see it as a burden cause I never feel it that way. Their smile and happiness is all that matters to me.

When Stepheni called, we decided to meet. I was awestruck when I first saw her entering the restaurant. She was in a much better shape now and was definitely wearing some designers creation. I was wearing usual kurti with my favourite jeans. Though I like wearing brands but I am not too finicky about clothes. I usually get ready in less than 5 minutes. And we went on talking non stop for next 2 hours and we didn’t realise until a waiter appeared before us with bill.

We told each other how things have changed and how we are a different person altogether. Stepheni has become more outgoing and I usually go out with my husband and my family most of the times. I do go to office parties but apart from that I hardly attend any without my family and close friends. She and her boyfriend both live in different cities and travel a lot. They meet after months and they like having their piece of fun and freedom in all aspects of life. Me and David had our freedom during our courtship period but we never cheated on each other. May be we had no time for all that stuff or that thought never crossed our mind.

She kept on telling me how common extra marital affairs have become these days. People go out guilt free and have the best time of their life and go back home to their families after having fun with that other person. She asked me if I or my husband ever tried that. I was like speechless since this topic never cropped up among us ever. Though David goes to his office parties and comes back in the wee hours. But I never felt like doubting his integrity or love. I never felt like doing that. I came back home that day and forgot about this useless topic.

When I reached home, David was already home from work and was very tired and slept instantly. He didn’t eat dinner that night. Next morning, he told me that he went out for dinner with his colleagues. Then we started with our usual routines. Next day when David came back home, he was seeming tired again. When I asked the reason, he told me it was because of work overload. I didn’t react went busy with my chores. He was busy on his phone till the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t bother as he has a lot of friends and he used to be an avid footballer. So he usually keeps a track of all the updates.

Next day, I didn’t go to office as I was not feeling well. Mom called David in the evening and told him not to get late as I had temperature and I would be better if he will be around. He texted me at 10:30 that he will be late due to work commitments. Next day when I woke up he had already left. He left a note for me stating that he is sorry and will try to come home early today. This day was too long and I was trying to suppress thoughts of anger cause this happened after a long time when I needed him around and he was not there. I felt that he has changed as a person. He again came late that night and I bombarded with questions once he entered the room. He told me that one of his team-mates mother is in ICU so he is working extra hours to complete her projects, when I said how you are fulfilling your personal commitments. He got angry and told me that she had a more serious issue which required his attention. I started crying and he tried to console me but when I didn’t stop, he turned around and slept.

Next morning when I woke up, he was not in the room. I thought he left early for office. But his phone was still there on the bed side. Numerous thoughts crossed my mind last night about how things have changed between us and how he has changed as person. He no more cares for me the way he used to before. Then his phone rang, I usually never pick up his phone but that day I was more than eager to do that. There was a lady on the other side. She recognised that I am David’s better half and told me that she wanted to thank him and more than him she wanted to thank me that when he should have given that time to me he was working extra hours to help her so that she can be with her mother in the hospital. She told me she doesn’t have a brother but she would always like to have a brother like David.

I had tears in my eyes. I went straight to the kitchen and started making preparations for David’s favourite cake. I forgot to ask mom where is he and forgot to even call his office number to check if he has reached office or not. I decided once I complete the cake I will call him. Then when I was about to place the cake in the baking tray he came from behind and hold me tightly. He placed two tickets to Kerala on the kitchen shelf and and said that for your birthday next week I have made all the preparations. So for that, we will go to Kerala and celebrate your birthday there. I had tears in my eyes and I turned around and hold him tightly.

May be there are people who don’t believe in committing in a relationship but there are people who belong to the old school and still believe in the institution of marriage and enjoy each and every bit of that togetherness without letting the charm fade off with time. I am fortunate that we belong to that gang. I believe as the relationships become seasoned, that fondness makes way for more understanding.


Sleepless Somewhere

Fairy-tales do become a reality. There is one such movie that I saw was “Sleepless in Seattle” that made me believe in how destiny and true love are interwoven. How love knocks on your door, comes from a distant place that you had never heard of or never had the intention to go that far in search of it. We all do meet people for a reason. Life always throw surprises at us and it is always a good thing not to miss them as some of them might become a part of your life and you both feel like walking the road called life with each other. There are angels too who make your life much more beautiful and come with the sole purpose to connect you to the right event and people in your life. Love is not something that you can buy and can get a copyright on, it is something that you get when you believe in it. The moment we start believing in it, it becomes a reality. Two people always meet as strangers and end as soul mates but there is a spark that blows when their eyes meet for the first time, we get a feeling that there is something special about this person and he or she is not a part of the crowd. It’s not that it goes like a fairy-tale always, there can be hiccups too but patience and trust eliminates all of those. Then the journey called life becomes more beautiful. During this journey we keep on adding more stars in this fairy-tale which brighten up our life. It’s just that we should never stop believing in fairy-tales. Fairy-tales do come true and the song which says “Make just one person happy and you will be happy always” will become your reality. That should be our motto if we start with making one person truly happy then the stars keep on adding and we end up filling our life with starts like the blue night sky which brightens up with the light of those uncountable starts, that constitutes as our family.

This image released by 1993 TriStar Pictures, Inc. shows Meg Ryan as Annie Reed, left, Ross Malinger as Jonah Baldwin and Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin, right, in a scene from

Boaskey my love for you can never fade

I was very young when papa bring home a small puppy. While growing up I had always seen people who had dogs as pets in my extended family. I always loved the relationship that a dog shares with his master. That always fascinated me. She was so naughty as a pup, very playful. She use to hide under the bed and we used to call her name uncountable number of times to get her out of there. As a toddler she used to eat baby food and when she grew up we found her to be a complete foodie. She would eat each and everything that is edible. She had her favorites too, we used to treat her with non vegetarian food which she loved. I was also growing with her. We both were young when we met. Boaskey helped me emotionally and gave me all the support when I was looking after my ailing mother. She was the positivity and happiness in my life. As a teenager what I was supposed to share with my Mom all the new things that a teenager explores, I used to tell her all the stuff as mom was not there to listen. When papa used to scold me I used to run to her and tell her that papa scolded me and sometimes would vent out all my pain in front of her. We started as friends and eventually she became a mother figure for me. I used to tell her each and everything. Unlike humans she never responded back in words but I could see her reciprocating through her eyes. She never got bored of my stories and would patiently listen to all the crap that I made her listen to. We shared the bond of Mother and Daughter. She used to love me like a mother. Whenever my father scolded me she would bark at him. She used to protect me like a mother. When any good thing would happen to me I will first go and share with her. I used to take her for a walk when my brother used to go out of town. As I was in my late teens she had started to grow old and I could see and feel those small small changes in her. She used to limp while walking and later on she started loosing sight. She used to take medicines like an old chap. As she was getting older her physical situation started to get worsen. My father used to take her to a doctor every week. One day doctor said that she can have a cardiac arrest any day as her heart has become very week and she is pretty old now. We were not completely disheartened then, we would take her to doctors. She gradually became so weak that she couldn’t take her food, we used to feed her with our own hands. One day papa took her to the hospital and when she came back she was not able to breathe properly and me and my brother slept in the same room with her and next morning when we woke up she had gone in peace. I couldn’t stop crying looking her motionless. That day I cried like a baby, I couldn’t stop crying. My life had become incomplete. I still feel her existence when I am home. I feel she is still here with us, it’s just that she has gone invisible. I still miss my second mother who eventually became my everything. But I completely believe that she is still here in our house looking after us and protecting us.

Love U Dada(Boaskey) and will always miss u. You have that special place in my heart that no one can fill.

I know you will never get tired of my stories and you will always listen to them. Adore U Dada.

Land Of Home Law Makers

India is a nation, where mostly men possess the authority to be the law-makers of the house. No matter, how our judiciary looks at things, they always have there upper hand in the four walls of the house. Men in India like to be treated as the governing bodies of the house and they don’t like it when opposite sex questions their decision and they like women to follow them blindly. They feel it is their right to guide the women of the house and they have all the brilliance to do that. No matter, how educated a women is, she is still under the shadow of the male of the house. Men feel that, a women should always look up to them when it comes to taking a decision, personal, professional, or financial. No matter how educated a women is, she is still punished physically and emotionally, if she takes up a route rejected by the male fraternity of the house. Our constitution gives women a right of equality when it comes to parental property. Question is that how many women make use of this right and if they are not willingly opting for it, how many fathers are making it a reality and doing it proactively. Reality in our nation is that, if a women tries to make a use of this right, she is seen in bad light and there are chances that her character is also assassinated. It is indeed very hard to break out of this loop. Once possible way of breaking out of this loop is financial independence. There are exceptions also, in this league of law-makers who prefer to take a different route giving the opposite sex an equal right of speech and decision making. Exceptions always gives us an opportunity to see the situation in a different light, which eventually becomes the Light Of Hope.


Banao Banao Banao Banao……………………..RightNow

Ooh FISH! My cab left me because transport guy updated someone else’s number under my name because he was busy talking with me while updating the number 🙂

I got a call from transport after good four hours that cab is on it’s way. When I reached office around 03:00 P.M., Induction was almost over. The moment I entered the hall people had already started to dig in food. My eyes were moving like a radar looking for Gunju. She is the very first friend I made at this new organisation. I had a sight of relief when I found her. Then the induction resumed after snacks. It was fun-filled unlike those boring inductions I had attended before. We got our rosters for the next day and then they called off the day.

Thankfully, I got the cab on time next day. I co-ordinated with my friend Gunju and we both went to the training room together. It was like an ocean of new faces. Everyone had a unique personality. I could see the reflection of their inner personalities on their faces. They all were sitting along a huge table making a semi – circle. I rested in the chair. Then the trainer came in and greeted the batch. Like all trainers he was full of energy along with a very pleasing personality.

Then he started off with the introduction round. Woo-ooh then the real fun started. Every person present in the room was so different. We were all like different colors placed together at one place. I believe that a person’s eyes speak a lot about his personality. Our eyes are like a window to our soul. That’s why people say “Eyes don’t lie”. First guy started introducing himself. His eyes were mysterious. Second was a lost creature who is lost now forever. Third guy a kid with dual personalities. There were only four girls in our batch including me, rest were male creatures. Fourth guy had the most expressive eyes, very dark and intense. Fifth one was a swimmer.

Sixth guy was a gamer. Seventh guy was a bunch of energy who just landed out of college. Trainer kept the session very interactive which made all of us to open up even more. There was a jogger guy, a boxer, two guitarist, one complete filmy guy who eventually came out as a very impressive singer. Now came the turn of female creatures. It was Angie first, who is a very easy going person. Then Riti, an angel with dimply smile. Then came Gunju’s turn. She came out to be a very confident and graceful person. Then it was my turn, I don’t know how I did or what impression I left on people who were present in that room. However, I talked about myself and my passion writing.

I was happy to see so many different shades confined to that one room. Best part is that we all are pretty comfortable with our own personalities. It’s like a month we are together and every day is like a discovery, we get to see one new side of one or the other which keeps us engrossed. New characters in the story completely charged and full of shades 🙂

A Happy Survivor :)

Happy SurvivorMy cab was late as usual and i was completely engrossed in the thoughts that how my manager is going to react at this. While i was lost in that, a girl also entered in the lift. After a few seconds i noticed that we were going to the same floor. The moment our eyes met she smiled at me and we started talking. I don’t know but it was like we clicked instantly.

I was amazed that we used to sit on the same floor, how come I never noticed her. She had a very pleasant personality and she was also a very good speaker. From that day, we started meeting almost everyday. She had a magnet like quality in her. She was a very well behaved person and amicable too. One could easily hear her giggles if you are a few steps away from her cubicle. One day, when I reached cafeteria and while I was looking for place to rest myself, I saw her sitting with a guy who was seeming a little rustic and rowdy.

I didn’t bother to go to her at that time. That day I got busy with my work and couldn’t meet her. It was 10 past 9, when i looked at my watch and realized that i need to rush otherwise I will miss the cab. I quickly wrapped up everything and ran to the parking area. I quickly checked my name in the roster and started looking for my cab. I was astonished when I saw her again talking with my cab driver. She noticed me and started walking towards me. We chit-chat for a while and then we both went for our cabs.

I noticed, my cab driver was the same guy who was with her in the cafeteria. The moment I rested in the cab, he looked back and greeted me with a polite hello. He was undoubtedly very well mannered. I reciprocated in the same way. Then he told me that he saw me talking to his wife. I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled and nodded, after that we started talking. During that conversation, I got to know that she was an orphan and they both met in an orphanage and fell in love and after courtship of few years they tied the knot. She was always good in academics so she managed to get a decent job.

I could see in his eyes that irrespective of being a rustic, he was very proud of her achievements and there was no trace of any jealousy in his eyes. I have seen a lot of survivors, but she was one happy giggling survivor 🙂

Unexpected Splash Of LOve

I heard somewhere that god understands the language of silence. In the last few days i had seen enough and i was in a turmoil. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and was just juggling with the ocean of thoughts which were hitting me inside. My whole routine had gone haywire.

One day while sipping coffee i got a call from my brother. He was sounding full of excitement and i could sense happiness in his voice. The reason for that happiness was a dog which he found while returning from his morning walk. He just asked one question “Dada can i bring her home?” I was speechless for a few seconds then i encountered him with a question “Will you be able to take care of her?”. To my surprise he instantly agreed to that.

After few minutes someone belled the door. When i opened it a dog, very lean as it had not consumed any food for days came in running. She had a white patch on her forehead. I got scared initially but she was responding to my brother’s commands very well as she already knew him. It was surprising for me though.

We named her GRACE as she was not too attractive in looks but disciplined and full of poise. She was least interested in me and hardly responded to my commands but later on shared a deep bond with me. There are times when we only communicate with eyes I know its hard to believe but we do that.

She filled that vacuum, that hollowness which was slowly settling in me. She gave me one more purpose to live. She will just take my hand in her mouth when she is hungry. That’s her way of telling me that she is hungry and need to be feed. One of my friend who visited me after a long time said something which left me thinking “Who is color and who is canvas”. She said “She is your alter ego, your reflection.” She said smiling “You will see your reflection in her”.

I don’t care anymore about what people say and what they think. But what she said left me thinking “Do i share such a special bond with her” 🙂